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Part of lp.testing.keyserver

GPG Key Information Server Prototype.

It follows the standard URL schema for PKS/SKS systems

It implements the operations:

It only depends on GPG for key submission; for retrieval and searching it just looks for files in the root (eg. /var/tmp/testkeyserver). The files are named like this:



$ gpg --list-key cprov > 0x681B6469.index

note: remove the lines containing 'sub' or 'secret' keys

$ gpg --export -a cprov > 0x681B6469.get

Function locate_key Find a key file in the root with the given suffix.
Class KeyServerResource Root resource for the test keyserver.
Class PksResource Undocumented
Class LookUp Undocumented
Class SubmitKey Undocumented
Class _BaseResource No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
def locate_key(root, suffix):
Find a key file in the root with the given suffix.

This does some globbing to possibly find a fingerprint-named key file when given a key ID.

ParametersrootThe root directory in which to look.
suffixThe key ID or fingerprint, of the form 0x<FINGERPRINT|KEYID>.<METHOD>
ReturnsAn absolute path to the key file.
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