l.t.k._.InProcessKeyServerFixture(Fixture) : class documentation

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A fixture that runs an in-process key server.

This is much faster than the out-of-process `KeyServerTac`, but it can
only be used if all the tests relying on it are asynchronous.

Users of this fixture must call the `start` method, which returns a
`Deferred`, and arrange for that to get back to the reactor.  This is
necessary because the basic fixture API does not allow `setUp` to return
anything.  For example:

    class TestSomething(TestCase):

        run_tests_with = AsynchronousDeferredRunTest.make_factory(

        def setUp(self):
            super(TestSomething, self).setUp()
            yield self.useFixture(InProcessKeyServerFixture()).start()
Method start Undocumented
Method url The URL that the web server will be running on.
def start(self):
def url(self):
The URL that the web server will be running on.
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