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Archive interfaces.
Class ArchiveDependencyError Raised when an IArchiveDependency does not fit the context archive.
Class SectionNotFound Invalid section name.
Class PriorityNotFound Invalid priority name.
Class ArchiveAlreadyDeleted Archive already deleted.
Class RedirectedPocket Returned for a pocket that would normally be redirected to another.
Class CannotUploadToSeries Uploading to an obsolete series is not allowed.
Class InvalidExternalDependencies Tried to set external dependencies to an invalid value.
Class CannotModifyArchiveProcessor Tried to enable or disable a restricted processor on an archive.
Class DuplicateTokenName Raised when creating a named token and an active token for this archive
Class NamedAuthTokenFeatureDisabled Only certain users can create named authorization tokens.
Interface IArchivePublic An Archive interface for publicly available operations.
Interface IArchiveSubscriberView No interface docstring; 3/3 attributes, 2/3 bools, 5/5 methods, 0/1 objects documented
Interface IArchiveView Archive interface for operations restricted by view privilege.
Interface IArchiveAppend Archive interface for operations restricted by append privilege.
Interface IArchiveEdit Archive interface for operations restricted by edit privilege.
Interface IArchiveAdmin Archive interface for operations restricted by commercial.
Interface IArchiveRestricted A writeable interface for restricted attributes of archives.
Interface IPPA Marker interface so traversal works differently for PPAs.
Interface IDistributionArchive Marker interface so traversal works differently for distro archives.
Interface IArchiveEditDependenciesForm Schema used to edit dependencies settings within a archive.
Function validate_external_dependencies Validate the external_dependencies field.
def validate_external_dependencies(ext_deps):
Validate the external_dependencies field.
Parametersext_depsThe dependencies form field to check.
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