l.s.a.overrides : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.adapters

Generic Override Policy classes.
Interface IOverride Override data class.
Interface ISourceOverride Source-specific overrides on a publication.
Interface IBinaryOverride Binary-specific overrides on a publication.
Class Override See IOverride.
Class SourceOverride See ISourceOverride.
Class BinaryOverride See IBinaryOverride.
Interface IOverridePolicy Override policy.
Class BaseOverridePolicy Undocumented
Class FromExistingOverridePolicy Override policy that only searches for existing publications.
Class FromSourceOverridePolicy Override policy that returns binary defaults based on their source.
Class UnknownOverridePolicy Override policy that returns defaults.
Class ConstantOverridePolicy Override policy that returns constant values.
Class FallbackOverridePolicy Override policy that fills things through a sequence of policies.
Function calculate_target_das Undocumented
Function make_package_condition Undocumented
Function id_resolver Undocumented
def calculate_target_das(distroseries, binaries):
def make_package_condition(archive, das, bpn):
def id_resolver(lookups):
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