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Part of lp.snappy.browser

Snap views.
Class SnapNavigation Undocumented
Class SnapBreadcrumb Undocumented
Class SnapNavigationMenu Navigation menu for snap packages.
Class SnapContextMenu Context menu for snap packages.
Class SnapView Default view of a Snap.
Function builds_for_snap A list of interesting builds.
Function new_builds_notification_text Undocumented
Class SnapRequestBuildsView A view for requesting builds of a snap package.
Interface ISnapEditSchema Schema for adding or editing a snap package.
Function log_oops Log an oops report without raising an error.
Class SnapAuthorizeMixin Undocumented
Class SnapAddView View for creating snap packages.
Class BaseSnapEditView No class docstring; 4/7 methods documented
Class SnapAdminView View for administering snap packages.
Class SnapEditView View for editing snap packages.
Class SnapAuthorizationException Undocumented
Class SnapAuthorizeView View for authorizing snap package uploads to the store.
Class SnapDeleteView View for deleting snap packages.
def builds_for_snap(snap):
A list of interesting builds.

All pending builds are shown, as well as 1-10 recent builds. Recent builds are ordered by date finished (if completed) or date_started (if date finished is not set due to an error building or other circumstance which resulted in the build not being completed). This allows started but unfinished builds to show up in the view but be discarded as more recent builds become available.

Builds that the user does not have permission to see are excluded (by the model code).

def new_builds_notification_text(builds, already_pending=None):
def log_oops(error, request):
Log an oops report without raising an error.
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