l.s.t.requesttimeline : module documentation

Part of lp.services.timeline

Manage a Timeline for a request.
Function get_request_timeline Get a Timeline for request.
Function set_request_timeline Explicitly set a timeline for request.
def get_request_timeline(request):
Get a Timeline for request.

This should ideally return the request.annotations['timeline'], creating it if necessary. However due to bug 623199 it instead using the adapter context for 'requests'. Once bug 623199 is fixed it will instead use the request annotations.

ParametersrequestA zope/launchpad request object.
ReturnsA timeline.timeline.Timeline object for the request.
def set_request_timeline(request, timeline):
Explicitly set a timeline for request.

This is used by code which wants to manually assemble a timeline.

ParametersrequestA zope/launchpad request object.
timelineA Timeline.
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