l.s.m.t.test_xmlrpcrunner : module documentation

Part of lp.services.mailman.tests

Test the Launchpad XMLRPC runner.
Function one_loop_exception Raise an error during th execution of _oneloop.
Class TestXMLRPCRunnerTimeout Make sure that we set a timeout on our xmlrpc connections.
Class TestXMLRPCRunnerHeatBeat Test XMLRPCRunner._hearbeat method.
Class TestHandleProxyError Test XMLRPCRunner.handle_proxy_error function.
Class OopsReportingTestCase Test XMLRPCRunner reports oopses.
Function locked_list Ensure a lock is not held.
Class OneLoopTestCase Test XMLRPCRunner._oneloop method.
def one_loop_exception(runner):
Raise an error during th execution of _oneloop.

This function replaces _check_list_actions() with a function that raises an error. _oneloop() handles the exception.

def locked_list(mm_list):
Ensure a lock is not held.
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