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Part of lp.services.librarianserver

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Function fsync_path Undocumented
Function makedirs_fsync makedirs_fsync(path [, mode=0o777])
Class DigestMismatchError The given digest doesn't match the SHA-1 digest of the file.
Class DuplicateFileIDError Given File ID already exists.
Class WrongDatabaseError The client's database name doesn't match our database.
Class LibrarianStorage Blob storage.
Class TxSwiftStream Undocumented
Class LibraryFileUpload A file upload from a client.
Function _sameFile Undocumented
Function _relFileLocation Return the relative location for the given file_id.
def fsync_path(path, dir=False):
def makedirs_fsync(name, mode=511):
makedirs_fsync(path [, mode=0o777])

os.makedirs, but fsyncing on the way up to ensure durability.

def _sameFile(path1, path2):
def _relFileLocation(file_id):
Return the relative location for the given file_id.

The relative location is obtained by converting file_id into a 8-digit hex and then splitting it across four path segments.

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