l.c.t.t.TestLaunchpadServe(TestCaseWithSubprocess) : class documentation

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Tests for the lp-serve plugin.

Most of the helper methods here are copied from bzrlib.tests and bzrlib.tests.blackbox.test_serve in bzr.dev r4445. They have since been modified for the Launchpad environment.

Method assertFinishedCleanly Assert that a server process finished cleanly.
Method finish_lpserve_subprocess Shut down the server process.
Method start_server_inet Start an lp-serve server subprocess.
Method test_successful_start_then_stop Undocumented
Method test_successful_start_then_stop_logs_no_oops Undocumented
Method test_unexpected_error_logs_oops Undocumented
def assertFinishedCleanly(self, result):
Assert that a server process finished cleanly.
def finish_lpserve_subprocess(self, process):
Shut down the server process.
ReturnsA tuple of (retcode, stdout, stderr).
def start_server_inet(self, user_id=None):
Start an lp-serve server subprocess.

Copied from bzrlib.tests.test_serve.

Parametersuser_idThe database id of the user to run as. If not provided, defaults to 1.
Returnsa tuple with the bzr process handle for passing to finish_lpserve_subprocess, a client for the server, and a transport.
def test_successful_start_then_stop(self):
def test_successful_start_then_stop_logs_no_oops(self):
def test_unexpected_error_logs_oops(self):
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