l.c.p.t.t.T.CustomErrorOpener(BranchMirrorer) : class documentation

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Method __init__ Construct a branch opener with 'policy'.
Method open Undocumented

Inherited from BranchMirrorer:

Method createDestinationBranch Create a destination branch for 'source_branch'.
Method openDestinationBranch Open or create the destination branch at 'destination_url'.
Method updateBranch Bring 'dest_branch' up-to-date with 'source_branch'.
Method mirror Mirror 'source_branch' to 'destination_url'.
def __init__(self, exc):
Construct a branch opener with 'policy'.
ParameterspolicyA BranchOpenPolicy that tells us what URLs are valid and similar things.
logA callable which can be called with a format string and arguments to log messages in the scheduler, or None, in which case log messages are discarded.
def open(self, url):
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