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Opening a new DistroSeries for branch based development.

Intended to be run just after a new distro series has been completed, this script will create an official package branch in the new series for every one in the old. The old branch will become stacked on the new, to avoid a using too much disk space whilst retaining best performance for the new branch.

Function switch_branches Move bzr data from an old to a new branch, leaving old stacked on new.
Class DistroBrancher Open a new distroseries for branch based development.
def switch_branches(prefix, scheme, old_db_branch, new_db_branch):
Move bzr data from an old to a new branch, leaving old stacked on new.

This function is intended to be used just after Ubuntu is released to create (at the bzr level) a new trunk branch for a source package for the next release of the distribution. We move the bzr data to the location for the new branch and replace the trunk branch for the just released version with a stacked branch pointing at the new branch.

The procedure is to complicated to be carried out atomically, so if this function is interrupted things may be a little inconsistent (e.g. there might be a branch in the old location, but not stacked on the new location yet). There should be no data loss though.

ParametersprefixThe non-branch id dependent part of the physical path to the branches on disk.
schemeThe branches should be open-able at a URL of the form scheme + :/// + unique_name.
old_db_branchThe branch that currently has the trunk bzr data.
old_db_branchThe new trunk branch. This should not have any presence on disk yet.
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