l.c.m.gitlookup : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model

Database implementation of the Git repository lookup utility.
Function adapt Adapt 'obj' to 'interface', using multi-adapters if necessary.
Class RootGitTraversable Root traversable for Git repository objects.
Class ProjectGitTraversable Git repository traversable for projects.
Class DistributionGitTraversable Git repository traversable for distributions.
Class DistributionSourcePackageGitTraversable Git repository traversable for distribution source packages.
Class PersonGitTraversable Git repository traversable for people.
Class SegmentIterator An iterator that remembers the elements it has traversed.
Class GitTraverser Utility for traversing to objects that can have Git repositories.
Class GitLookup Utility for looking up Git repositories.
Class _BaseGitTraversable Base class for traversable implementations.
def adapt(obj, interface):
Adapt 'obj' to 'interface', using multi-adapters if necessary.
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