l.c.m.branchmergeproposaljob : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model

Job classes related to BranchMergeProposals are in here.

This includes both jobs for the proposals themselves, or jobs that are creating proposals, or diffs relating to the proposals.

Class BranchMergeProposalJobType Values that ICodeImportJob.state can take.
Class BranchMergeProposalJob Base class for jobs related to branch merge proposals.
Class BranchMergeProposalJobDerived Intermediate class for deriving from BranchMergeProposalJob.
Class MergeProposalNeedsReviewEmailJob See IMergeProposalNeedsReviewEmailJob.
Class UpdatePreviewDiffJob A job to update the preview diff for a branch merge proposal.
Class CodeReviewCommentEmailJob A job to send a code review comment.
Class ReviewRequestedEmailJob Send email to the reviewer telling them to review the proposal.
Class MergeProposalUpdatedEmailJob Send email to the subscribers informing them of updated fields.
Class GenerateIncrementalDiffJob A job to generate an incremental diff for a branch merge proposal.
Class BranchMergeProposalJobSource Provide a job source for all merge proposal jobs.
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