l.c.m.branchlookup : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model

Database implementation of the branch lookup utility.
Function adapt Adapt 'obj' to 'interface', using multi-adapters if necessary.
Class RootTraversable Root traversable for linked branch objects.
Class ProductTraversable Linked branch traversable for products.
Class DistributionTraversable Linked branch traversable for distributions.
Class DistroSeriesTraversable Linked branch traversable for distribution series.
Class LinkedBranchTraverser Utility for traversing to objects that can have linked branches.
Class BranchLookup Utility for looking up branches.
Class _BaseTraversable Base class for traversable implementations.
def adapt(obj, interface):
Adapt 'obj' to 'interface', using multi-adapters if necessary.
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