l.c.m.branchjob : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model

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Class BranchJobType Values that ICodeImportJob.state can take.
Class BranchJob Base class for jobs related to branches.
Class BranchJobDerived No class docstring; 2/2 class methods, 1/6 methods documented
Class BranchScanJob A Job that scans a branch for new revisions.
Class BranchUpgradeJob A Job that upgrades branches to the current stable format.
Class RevisionMailJob A Job that sends a mail for a scan of a Branch.
Class RevisionsAddedJob A job for sending emails about added revisions.
Class RosettaUploadJob A Job that uploads translation files to Rosetta.
Class ReclaimBranchSpaceJob Reclaim the disk space used by a branch that's deleted from the DB.
Class BranchModifiedMailJob A Job that sends email about branch modifications.
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