l.c.i.linkedbranch : module documentation

Part of lp.code.interfaces

Interface for objects that have a linked branch.

A linked branch is a branch that's somehow officially related to an object. It might be the main branch of a series, the trunk branch of a project, the backports branch for a source package or something else.

Interface ICanHasLinkedBranch Something that has a linked branch.
Function get_linked_to_branch Get the ICanHasLinkedBranch for 'provided', whatever that is.
def get_linked_to_branch(provided):
Get the ICanHasLinkedBranch for 'provided', whatever that is.
ReturnsThe ICanHasLinkedBranch object.
RaisesCannotHaveLinkedBranchIf 'provided' can never have a linked branch.
NoLinkedBranchIf 'provided' could have a linked branch, but doesn't.
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