l.c.i.branchlookup : module documentation

Part of lp.code.interfaces

Utility for looking up branches by name.
Interface ILinkedBranchTraversable A thing that can be traversed to find a thing linked to a branch.
Interface ILinkedBranchTraverser Utility for traversing to an object that can have a linked branch.
Interface IBranchLookup Utility for looking up a branch by name.
Function path_lookups Undocumented
Function get_first_path_result Find the first codehosting path lookup result.
def path_lookups(path):
def get_first_path_result(path, perform_lookup, failure_result):
Find the first codehosting path lookup result.
ParameterspathThe codehosting path to use.
perform_lookupThe callable to use for looking up a value.
failure_resultThe result that indicates lookup failure.
ReturnsThe first successful lookup, or failure_result if there are no successes.
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