l.c.enums : module documentation

Part of lp.code

Enumerations used in the lp/code modules.
Class BranchLifecycleStatus Branch Lifecycle Status
Class BranchType Branch Type
Class GitRepositoryType Git Repository Type
Class GitObjectType Git Object Type
Class GitGranteeType Git Grantee Type
Class GitActivityType Git Activity Type
Class GitPermissionType Git Permission Type
Class BranchLifecycleStatusFilter Branch Lifecycle Status Filter
Class BranchListingSort Choices for how to sort branch listings.
Class BranchMergeProposalStatus Branch Merge Proposal Status
Class BranchSubscriptionDiffSize Branch Subscription Diff Size
Class BranchSubscriptionNotificationLevel Branch Subscription Notification Level
Class CodeReviewNotificationLevel Code Review Notification Level
Class RevisionControlSystems Revision Control Systems
Class TargetRevisionControlSystems Target Revision Control Systems
Class CodeImportReviewStatus CodeImport review status.
Class CodeImportEventType CodeImportEvent type.
Class CodeImportEventDataType CodeImportEventData type.
Class CodeImportJobState Values that ICodeImportJob.state can take.
Class CodeImportMachineState CodeImportMachine State
Class CodeImportMachineOfflineReason Reason why a CodeImportMachine is offline.
Class CodeImportResultStatus Values for ICodeImportResult.status.
Class CodeReviewVote Code Review Votes
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