l.c.b.gitrepository : module documentation

Part of lp.code.browser

Git repository views.
Class GitRepositoryURL Git repository URL creation rules.
Class GitRepositoriesBreadcrumb Undocumented
Class GitRepositoryBreadcrumb Undocumented
Class GitRepositoryNavigation No class docstring; 3/5 methods documented
Class GitRepositoryEditMenu Edit menu for IGitRepository.
Class GitRepositoryContextMenu Context menu for IGitRepository.
Class GitRefBatchNavigator Batch up the branch listings.
Class GitRepositoryView No class docstring; 7/11 methods documented
Class GitRepositoryEditFormView Base class for forms that edit a Git repository.
Class GitRepositoryEditInformationTypeView A view to set the information type.
Class GitRepositoryEditReviewerView A view to set the review team.
Class GitRepositoryEditView The main view for editing repository attributes.
Class GitRepositoryDiffView Undocumented
Class GitRepositoryDeletionView No class docstring; 3/6 methods documented
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