l.c.b.codereviewcomment : module documentation

Part of lp.code.browser

No module docstring
Interface ICodeReviewDisplayComment Marker interface for displaying code review comments.
Class CodeReviewDisplayComment A code review comment or activity or both.
Function get_message Adapt an ICodeReviwComment to an IMessage.
Class CodeReviewCommentContextMenu Context menu for branches.
Class DiffAttachment An attachment that we are going to display.
Class CodeReviewCommentView Standard view of a CodeReviewComment
Class CodeReviewCommentIndexView No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Interface IEditCodeReviewComment Interface for use as a schema for CodeReviewComment forms.
Class CodeReviewCommentAddView View for adding a CodeReviewComment.
def get_message(display_comment):
Adapt an ICodeReviwComment to an IMessage.
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