l.b.e.x.UrlLib2Transport(Transport) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.bugs.tests.externalbugtracker.TestBugzillaXMLRPCTransport, lp.bugs.tests.externalbugtracker.TestTracXMLRPCTransport

An XMLRPC transport which uses urllib2.

This XMLRPC transport uses the Python urllib2 module to make the request, with proxying handled by that module's semantics (though underdocumented). It also handles cookies correctly, and in addition allows specifying the cookie explicitly by setting self.auth_cookie.

Note: this transport isn't fit for general XMLRPC use. It is just good enough for some of our external bug tracker implementations.

ParametersendpointThe URL of the XMLRPC server.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method setCookie Set a cookie for the transport to use in future connections.
Method request Make an XMLRPC request.
def __init__(self, endpoint, cookie_jar=None):
def setCookie(self, cookie_str):
Set a cookie for the transport to use in future connections.
def request(self, host, handler, request_body, verbose=0):
Make an XMLRPC request.

Uses the configured proxy server to make the connection.

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