l.b.b.w.bugtask : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser.widgets

Widgets related to IBugTask.
Class BugTaskAssigneeWidget A widget for setting the assignee on an IBugTask.
Interface BugWatchEditForm Form field definition for the bug watch widget.
Class BugTaskBugWatchWidget A widget for linking a bug watch to a bug task.
Class BugTaskTargetWidget Undocumented
Class BugTaskSourcePackageNameWidget A widget for associating a bugtask with a SourcePackageName.
Class BugTaskAlsoAffectsSourcePackageNameWidget Package widget for +distrotask.
Class FileBugSourcePackageNameWidget Package widget for +filebug.
Class AssigneeDisplayWidget A widget for displaying an assignee.
Class DBItemDisplayWidget A widget for displaying a bugtask dbitem.
Class NewLineToSpacesWidget A widget that replaces new line characters with spaces.
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