l.b.b.b.BugTrackerSetView(LaunchpadView) : class documentation

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View for actions on the bugtracker index pages.
Method initialize Undocumented
Method inactive_tracker_count Undocumented
Method active_trackers Undocumented
Method inactive_trackers Undocumented
Method getPillarData Return dict of pillars and booleans indicating ellipsis.
def initialize(self):
def inactive_tracker_count(self):
def active_trackers(self):
def inactive_trackers(self):
def getPillarData(self, bugtracker):
Return dict of pillars and booleans indicating ellipsis.

In more detail, the dictionary holds a list of products/projects and a boolean determining whether or not there we omitted pillars by truncating to pillar_limit.

If no pillars are mapped to this bugtracker, returns {}.

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