l.b.b.b.BugTargetTraversalMixin : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.registry.browser.distribution.DistributionNavigation, lp.registry.browser.distributionsourcepackage.DistributionSourcePackageNavigation, lp.registry.browser.distroseries.DistroSeriesNavigation, lp.registry.browser.product.ProductNavigation, lp.registry.browser.productseries.ProductSeriesNavigation, lp.registry.browser.sourcepackage.SourcePackageNavigation

Mix-in in class that provides .../+bug/NNN traversal.
Method traverse_bug Traverses +bug portions of URLs
Method _get_task_for_context Return the IBugTask for this name in this context.
def traverse_bug(self, name):
Traverses +bug portions of URLs
def _get_task_for_context(self, name):
Return the IBugTask for this name in this context.

If the bug has been reported, but not in this specific context, a redirect to the default context will be returned.

Returns None if no bug with the given name is found, or the bug is not accessible to the current user.

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