l.b.b.bugcomment : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser

Bug comment browser view classes.
Function build_comments_from_chunks Build BugComments from MessageChunks.
Function group_comments_with_activity Group comments and activity together for human consumption.
Class BugComment Data structure that holds all data pertaining to a bug comment.
Class BugCommentView View for a single bug comment.
Class BugCommentBoxViewMixin A class which provides proxied Librarian URLs for bug attachments.
Class BugCommentBoxView Render a comment box with reply field collapsed.
Class BugCommentBoxExpandedReplyView Render a comment box with reply field expanded.
Class BugCommentXHTMLRepresentation No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class BugCommentBreadcrumb Breadcrumb for an IBugComment.
def build_comments_from_chunks(bugtask, truncate=False, slice_info=None, show_spam_controls=False, user=None, hide_first=False):
Build BugComments from MessageChunks.
ParameterstruncatePerform truncation of large messages.
slice_infoIf not None, an iterable of slices to retrieve.
def group_comments_with_activity(comments, activities):
Group comments and activity together for human consumption.

Generates a stream of comment instances (with the activity grouped within)
or `list`s of grouped activities.

:param comments: An iterable of `BugComment` instances, which should be
    sorted by index already.
:param activities: An iterable of `BugActivity` instances.
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