l.b.b.person_upcomingwork : module documentation

Part of lp.blueprints.browser

Person upcoming view showing workitems and bugs for a person.
Class PersonUpcomingWorkView This view displays work items and bugtasks that are due within 60 days
Class WorkItemContainer A container of work items, assigned to a person (or a team's
Class SpecWorkItemContainer A container of SpecificationWorkItems wrapped with GenericWorkItem.
Class AggregatedBugsContainer A container of BugTasks wrapped with GenericWorkItem.
Class GenericWorkItem A generic piece of work; either a BugTask or a SpecificationWorkItem.
Function getWorkItemsDueBefore Return a dict mapping dates to lists of WorkItemContainers.
def getWorkItemsDueBefore(person, cutoff_date, user):
Return a dict mapping dates to lists of WorkItemContainers.

This is a grouping, by milestone due date, of all work items (SpecificationWorkItems/BugTasks) assigned to this person (or any of its participants, in case it's a team).

Only work items whose milestone have a due date between today and the given cut-off date are included in the results.

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