l.a.nascentupload : module documentation

Part of lp.archiveuploader

The processing of nascent uploads.

Documentation on general design
  • want to log all possible errors to the end-user
  • changes file holds all uploaded files in a tree
  • changes.files and changes.dsc
  • DSC represents a source upload, and creates sources
  • but DSC holds DSCUploadedFiles, weirdly
  • binary represents a binary upload, and creates binaries
  • source files only exist for verify() purposes
  • NascentUpload is a motor that creates the changes file, does verifications, gets overrides, triggers creation or rejection and prepares the email message
Class EarlyReturnUploadError An error occurred that prevented further error collection.
Class NascentUpload Represents an upload being born. NascentUpload's responsibilities
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