l.a.w.p.DistributionSourcePackagePickerWidget(VocabularyPickerWidget) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.app.widgets.popup.SourcePackageNameWidgetBase

Custom popup widget for choosing distribution/package combinations.
Method distribution_id Undocumented

Inherited from VocabularyPickerWidget:

Method matches Return a list of matches (as ITokenizedTerm) to whatever the
Method formToken Undocumented
Method inputField Undocumented
Method selected_value String representation of field value associated with the picker.
Method selected_value_metadata Undocumented
Method show_widget_id Undocumented
Method config Undocumented
Method json_config Undocumented
Method extra_no_results_message Extra message when there are no results.
Method vocabulary_filters The name of the field's vocabulary.
Method vocabulary_name The name of the field's vocabulary.
Method header_text Undocumented
Method step_title_text Undocumented
Method input_id This is used to ensure the widget id contains only valid chars.
Method chooseLink Undocumented
Method extraChooseLink Undocumented
Method nonajax_uri Override in subclass to specify a non-AJAX URI for the Find link.
def distribution_id(self):
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