l.a.b.questiontarget : module documentation

Part of lp.answers.browser

IQuestionTarget browser views.
Class AskAQuestionButtonPortlet View that renders a button to ask a question on its context.
Class UserSupportLanguagesMixin Mixin for views that needs to get the set of user support languages.
Class QuestionCollectionLatestQuestionsPortlet View used to display the latest questions on a question target.
Class SearchQuestionsView View that can filter the target's question in a batched listing.
Class QuestionCollectionMyQuestionsView SearchQuestionsView specialization for the 'My questions' report.
Class QuestionCollectionNeedAttentionView SearchQuestionsView specialization for the 'Need attention' report.
Class QuestionCollectionByLanguageView Search for questions in a specific language.
Class ManageAnswerContactView View class for managing answer contacts.
Class QuestionTargetPortletAnswerContacts View sets up the required url data for the answer contacts portlet.
Class QuestionTargetPortletAnswerContactsWithDetails View returns JSON dump of answer contact details for questiontarget.
Class QuestionTargetTraversalMixin Navigation mixin for IQuestionTarget.
Class QuestionCollectionAnswersMenu Base menu definition for QuestionCollection searchable by owner.
Class QuestionTargetAnswersMenu Base menu definition for QuestionTargets.
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