API Docs for: 0.1

Class UbuntuUI.Tabs

Class defined in: tabs.js:23

Tabs are the standard way to provide app navigation from your application Header. See the Header class for more information.

Declare the Header and Tabs in HTML as a direct child of the top level Page as a sibling to the content div.

UbuntuUI.Tabs( )
   <div data-role="page">
     <header data-role="header" id="headerID">
       <div class="tabs-inner">
         <ul data-role="tabs">
           <li class="active" data-role="tab">
             <a href="#main">Main</a>
           <li data-role="tab">
             <a href="#page2">Two</a>
     <div data-role="content">

 var tabs = UI.tabs();