12.04.1 Point Release Bugs

Generated on Monday, 14. January 2013 20:05 UTC

Total Bugs: 49

Bug Importance Status Target Title Has Patch Verification Branches Linked Assignee
966480 High Triaged casper The prompt asking for media removal is not shown at the end of the installation False Stphane Graber
755842 Medium Triaged compiz-plugins-main Non-maximized windows which sit on the border of a workspace move when called False X X X X X ukasz Zemczak
523896 High Triaged shadow useradd: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later. False Canonical Foundations Team
942846 Medium Triaged grub-gfxpayload-lists encrypted install fails to boot as long as vt.handoff=7 is used False X X X X Chris Halse Rogers
980917 Medium Triaged upstart Failed to create pty - disabling logging for job False James Hunt
1006898 Medium Triaged dnsmasq [SRU] dnsmasq fails at leasing issues when using vlan mode False Chuck Short
976624 High Fix Committed totem Add support for keywords True Needed X X Unassigned
850960 Medium In Progress open-iscsi iscsid tries to reconnect existing session at startup, failing to do so and hanging the system False Ante Karamati
1004775 High Triaged network-manager NetworkManager restarts dnsmasq and adds host route on every IPv6 route lookup False X Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
1025553 High Fix Committed icedtea-web Plugin fails to load in Chrome True Done X X X X Micah Gersten
998156 High Confirmed inkscape GTK Print dialog sends broken custom page size attribute: "PageSize=Custom.Custom.x" False Unassigned
998156 High Confirmed firefox GTK Print dialog sends broken custom page size attribute: "PageSize=Custom.Custom.x" False Unassigned
998156 High Confirmed gtk+3.0 GTK Print dialog sends broken custom page size attribute: "PageSize=Custom.Custom.x" False Unassigned
998156 High Confirmed gimp GTK Print dialog sends broken custom page size attribute: "PageSize=Custom.Custom.x" False Unassigned
994498 Low Triaged kile Kile crashes when it is closing False X Unassigned
1014872 High Triaged mysql-5.5 no debug symbols for mysql-server False Unassigned
924079 High Triaged apt do-release-upgrade fails to upgrade from Oneiric to Precise: Couldn't configure pre-depend libtinfo5 for libncurses5, probably a dependency cycle False Canonical Foundations Team
1021530 Medium Fix Committed openvswitch [SRU] update to include stable fixes for OVS 1.4 False Done X X Adam Gandelman
1006553 High Triaged juju local provider machine agent uses 100% CPU after host reboot False X Unassigned
992061 Low Fix Committed usb-creator USB Startup Disk Creator displays one USB device multiple times False Needed X X X Stphane Graber
979003 High In Progress eglibc libc incorrectly detects AVX support True Adam Conrad
936186 High Triaged software-properties add-apt-repository crashed with error in get_ppa_info_from_lp(): (23, 'Failed writing body (0 != 1607)') False Didier Roche
459476 Medium In Progress kubuntu-docs Translations not included in kubuntu-docs False X David Wonderly
994921 Medium Triaged apport 'ubuntu-bug /var/crash/app.crash' (and even more so, 'apport-cli -c /var/crash/app.crash') should still allow manual bug filing in stable releases False Evan Dandrea
932520 High Triaged compiz Some windows on start up don't show full window False X X X Unassigned
977940 Medium In Progress gnome-vfs Please transition gnome-vfs to multi-arch True X X Adam Stokes
958382 High Triaged gtk+3.0 different softwares hit abort() in gtkfilechooser code False Unassigned
946718 High Triaged update-notifier backend_helper.py crashed with RuntimeError in add_signal_receiver(): To make asynchronous calls, receive signals or export objects, D-Bus connections must be attached to a main loop by passing mainloop=... to the constructor or calling dbus.set_default_main_loop(...) False Michael Terry
926658 High In Progress unity compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in unity::dash::ResultRendererTile::LoadIcon() from unity::dash::ResultRendererTile::Preload() from unity::dash::ResultViewGrid::DoLazyLoad() False X X Marco Trevisan (Trevio)
933776 High Triaged compiz [regression] scale/spread: "Initiate Window Picker for All Windows" does not show all windows. It shows only windows from curent workspace. False X X X X X X Unassigned
1012946 High Fix Committed parted dm-part-sync.patch breaks creating multiple partitions on a LVM volume False Needed X X X X Canonical Foundations Team
859600 High Triaged gnome-keyring Please convert gnome-keyring to multiarch False Adam Stokes
966577 High Triaged juju add explicit egress 'owner' rule on non-bootstrapping nodes to require root access to zookeeper False Unassigned
977959 Medium Triaged libgnome Please transition libgnome to multi-arch False Adam Stokes
932860 High In Progress appmenu-gtk Broken (or missing) multiarch support True Adam Stokes
975931 Medium Triaged grub-gfxpayload-lists purple screen freeze with AMD 6850 False Chris Halse Rogers
226780 Medium Triaged apt apt-key net-update does not obey APT::Acquire::http::Proxy True Unassigned
935516 High Triaged genshi genshi version 0.6-2 FTBFS on i386 in precise False Ubuntu Server Team
977964 Medium In Progress libart-lgpl Please transition libart-lgpl to multi-arch True X X Adam Stokes
973741 High Fix Committed openssl [SRU] segmentation fault for all https operations in libcrypto.so.1.0.0 on 'legacy' Intel Xeon CPUs True Done Adam Gandelman
484252 High Fix Committed usb-creator Format action wipes all partitions True X X X X X Stphane Graber
1002516 High Fix Committed icedtea-web package icedtea-netx-common 1.2-2ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/icedtea-web/plugin.jar', which is also in package icedtea-plugin 1.1.3-1ubuntu1.1 False Needed X Unassigned
1017001 Critical Confirmed apt package resolvconf 1.63ubuntu14 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: pre-dependency problem - not installing resolvconf False Adam Conrad
987411 Low Triaged ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu layout of browser slide in Lubuntu slide show broken (german) False Stphane Graber
978012 High Confirmed e2fsprogs Please SRU micro bug fix release of e2fsprogs 1.42.4-3ubuntu1 (main) from Quantal (main) False X X Adam Conrad
972537 High Triaged lightdm lightdm doesn't allow expired passwords False Robert Ancell
960649 High Triaged vino vino-server SIGABRT, "buffer overflow detected" in clipboard handling code False Unassigned
968974 Medium Triaged software-center Some free applications looks like paid applications with price 0.00 and with buy button False X Unassigned
1003842 Medium Triaged network-manager dnsmasq sometimes fails to resolve private names in networks with non-equivalent nameservers False Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
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